This calculator allows you to use either single, regular premiums of both at the same time to see how much you would need to save to reach your retirement goals.

Enter the proposed single premium:
e.g. 50,000.

Enter the GROSS value of your proposed monthly contribution:
e.g. 500.

Enter the number of complete years to retirement:
e.g. 20.

Enter the expected Growth rate per annum:
e.g. 5 do not include the % sign.


Enter the predicted inflation rate:
e.g. 2.5 do not include a % sign.


Enter annual withdrawal rate
e.g. 7.5 do not include a % sign.


Enter your desired annual retirement income :
(in today's terms you do not need account for inflation)
e.g. 24,000 (would equal 2000 per month).


Projected Fund Amount: (After Retirement):

Projected Pension:

Projected Fund in real terms (Allowing for inflation):

Projected Pension in real terms:

Shortfall Fund:

Additional monthly premium required to overcome shortfall:

Additional one off single premium required to overcome

Note: Charges are not included in the calculations.
This calculator is designed as a guide only.
Contact us for exact information.