Managing Wealth Responsibly for a Lifetime of Security

Bespoke Management

Qualified investment managers running bespoke portfolios according to risk profile with regular reporting and guidance.



For clients that demand access to professionals to provide research, analysis and suggestions to enable them to make educated decisions.


Theme investing

Thematic investing to focus on trends and an excellent way to achieve additional levels of diversification within portfolios.


Managed portfolios

Managed solutions to suit all investors budgets and appetites for risk across all major currencies via a low cost internet based platform.


Managed savings

Risk-rated investment strategies to provide service and direction to compliment savings plans.


Profiler Pro

Allow our experienced team to analyse your existing portfolio and give you a taste of what Elgin can do for you.


Online Platform

All the benefits of the lowest cost method of investing available today with qualified managers on hand to construct client portfolios.



Our proprietary Zeus Platform is an indispensable tool providing you in real time a full view of  your investments and more.

Zeus Financial Reporting

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Fraud warning
Fraud is on the increase. Victims are tricked by high quality websites and effective marketing into giving their bank details or even remitting cash to what they believe are legitimate investments. There are a number of ways you can check the legitimacy of a Financial Services company,
  • Check with their regulator (be concerned if they do not have one).
  • Check where the company is registered and any securities they offer are listed on a legitimate exchange.
  • Ask for references. Even a simple ‘Google’ search can uncover concerns you did not know you had.
Further checks should also be carried out on any funds offered to you that appear simply too good to be true – they often are. We live in a very low interest rate environment so any scheme that offers fixed returns that are higher than those available in the government bond of the same currency should be treated with extreme caution.

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