Managing Wealth Brilliantly


With us you are not an account number, you have a name and you will always speak to someone who knows you.

Managing Wealth Brilliantly….


We are completely independent and because of that we buy for you, not what we are sold, but what we truly believe belongs in your portfolio.

Managing Wealth Brilliantly….


Transparency and liquidity. You will always know exactly what, where and why you hold an asset. Additionally, all your assets can be sold as easily as they can be bought.

Managing Wealth Brilliantly….


When managing your assets, we always seek the most cost-effective way of building your portfolio. Wherever possible, and unlike many other managers, we invest in institutional funds or Exchange-Traded Funds, without hidden costs or commissions.

Managing Wealth Brilliantly….


We always invest in what we know is best. We seek out those rare funds and investments that we believe will rise more than their benchmarks on the way up, and fall less on the way down.

Managing Wealth Brilliantly….


Online, on time, every time. Our 365, 24/7 simple-to-manage state of the art monitoring tool will keep you abreast of exactly what is happening to your portfolio.

Managing Wealth Brilliantly….

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We aim to provide great customer service. For any inquiries, here are  the ways you can contact us.

Bespoke Management

Qualified investment managers running bespoke portfolios according to risk profile with regular reporting and guidance.



For clients that demand access to professionals to provide research, analysis and suggestions to enable them to make educated decisions.


Theme investing

Thematic investing to focus on trends and an excellent way to achieve additional levels of diversification within portfolios.


Managed portfolios

Managed solutions to suit all investors budgets and appetites for risk across all major currencies via a low cost internet based platform.


Managed savings

Risk-rated investment strategies to provide service and direction to compliment life company savings plans.


Profiler Pro

Allow our experienced team to analyse your existing portfolio and give you a taste of what Elgin can do for you.


Online Platform

All the benefits of the lowest cost method of investing available today with qualified managers on hand to construct client portfolios.



Our proprietary Zeus Platform is an indispensable tool providing  you
in real time a full view of  your investments and more.

Zeus Financial Reporting